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[Lynx-dev] Dud links in the on-line help-page

From: hsv
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Dud links in the on-line help-page
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 20:25:22 -0500

Here are outdated links from "about_lynx.html":; instead. (instead of this, <>
works, along with <> and <>,
all the same....)

A short while agoa I sent Michael Grobe e-mail about this.

(Aside from his early history, nothing at that matches "browser
Lynx" says much about it, as if no:one there at all cares about it.)

These are bad:

None of these, <>, point to anything current.
When this one, /SDG/Software/Mosaic/NCSAMosaicHome.html, is not found,
one is pointed to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera--not Lynx.
It says that one who really wants Mosaic can download it through FTP.

>From "LYNX-HELp_main.html":

(Would it be better to put "cattoc.html" & friends in this same

This no longer works, <>; this
does, <>, but the directory seems empty.
This one is not found, it points one to
<>, <>, and
<>. I found nothing to
put in this one s stead.

This,, in around four changes leads to to put that there?

This,, yields
naught but 404, and I found not the hint of anything in its stead.

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