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[Lynx-dev] Problems with Lynx

From: Don MacLean
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Problems with Lynx
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 18:18:03 -0300

Good day, I am a new user to Lynx and I am having a problem grabbing a typical 
text file from the net with minimal interaction. I downloaded the linx for 
Win32 systems.  My Op system is Win2k Pro, my hardware is a  IBM Think Pad 
Notebook. I installed a virtual packet driver [swsvpkt.exe ] which seems to 
work ok. I am connected  to a broadband ADSL service.

I unzipped the download [ ] and extracted the files to a 
folder C:\lynxnt . I setup a batch file "windgrab.bat"  in this folder and it 
contains the following::

@echo off
echo Now downloading USA Low Level Winds Time Period 1
set home=c:\lynxnt
set temp=c:\lynxnt\tmp
set lynx_cfg=c:\lynxnt\lynx.cfg

My configuration file [lynx.cfg ] content in the folder c:\lynxnt is as 


When I invoke the batch file windgrab.bat from the desktop, it seems to go to 
the correct site and displays the data that I wish to save to my hard disk. 
When I press 'd' it says it is retreiving the file. But, nowhere is to be found 
any output file in either my c:\lynxnt folder or in the folder c:\lynxt\tmp  My 
arrow keys do not seem to be navigating the lynx program properly and when i 
press "H" for help it says this is "Forbidden". When I scroll up to the top of 
the lynx window it says :

Suggested File Name= ?area=all#contents

Satndard Download Options
      Save to Disk

It would be appreciated if someone could suggest what needs to be done here. My 
only objective here is to save the retreived file to my hard disk.

Thanking you in advance

Don MacLean

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