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[Lynx-dev] Re: What may cause a corrupted screen?

From: Frédéric L . W . Meunier
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Re: What may cause a corrupted screen?
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005 23:41:45 -0200 (BRST)

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005, Thomas Dickey wrote:

A check on the current and stable changelogs for Slackware doesn't show anything from this calendar year. What does "tic -V" say?

Slackware -current still uses 5.4 from 10.0 (compiled almost 2 years ago). Now that I installed 5.5 + your temp patches a few days ago, it says 'ncurses 5.5.20051217', but tic from Slackware -current says 'ncurses 5.4.20040208'.

I really don't know what may be causing it. It just happens and I can't reproduce. I'll now try to make it easy to reproduce (at least here).

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