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Re: [Lynx-dev] SSH then running lynx does not work

From: Webmaster Jim
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] SSH then running lynx does not work
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 08:07:31 -0500
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On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 04:42:51PM -0500, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 04:23:27PM -0500, Eldwin Santana wrote:
> > Here is the output:
> > Lynx Version 2.8.5rel.1 (04 Feb 2004)
> > Compiled by Borland C++ (Oct 16 2004 15:23:07).
> I'm puzzled: that would probably be the PDCurses configuration,
> which opens the console window in graphics mode.
> It won't run over a serial connection (such as ssh would assume).
> That's true of similar systems (something I have to keep in mind
> for when I connect to my OS/2 system via telnet).

That looks like the Win32 version I compiled (and still distribute). It
has no ssh library support, so if you need that the cygwin distribution
is better.

What is in LYNX.BAT? The sample needs to be changed for your

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