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[Lynx-dev] the 'z' key

From: Thorsten Glaser
Subject: [Lynx-dev] the 'z' key
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 20:21:01 +0000 (UTC)

I wonder...

why cannot lynx simply stop with EVERYTHING if I hit 'z' repeatedly?

I mean, DNS lookups may have their reasons, but if I am entering a
website with various
- redirections
- bad html, use -trace to diagnose
- invalid cookie path (automatic yes, in my config)
and have activated that link by accident (yes, that happens), why
cannot lynx stop if I hit 'zz'? It only starts stopping after the
final page is being loaded, and still gets sometimes 3K, sometimes
even 30K of the target page. This can take up to 15 seconds, with
DNS lookups that fail even more.

I believe no one can invent an algorithm. One just happens to hit upon it
when God enlightens him. Or only God invents algorithms, we merely copy them.
If you don't believe in God, just consider God as Nature if you won't deny
existence.              -- Coywolf Qi Hunt

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