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Re: [Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.6dev.12 -- CRASH on OSX 10.4.1

From: Jens Schleusener
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.6dev.12 -- CRASH on OSX 10.4.1
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 17:25:35 +0200 (DFT)

On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, OpenMacNews wrote:

hi thomas,

I think you changed the wrong line.

of COURSE i did ! .... argh.  :-S

like you said, long day ...

Here's what diff -u shows for the
suggested change:

mine (now):

  diff -u src/LYCurses.c src/LYCurses.c.orig
  --- src/LYCurses.c      2005-06-03 07:52:36.000000000 -0700
  +++ src/LYCurses.c.orig 2005-06-03 07:51:56.000000000 -0700
  @@ -1750,7 +1750,7 @@
                  const char *src,
                  size_t len)
  -#if 0//def USE_CURSES_PADS
        * If we've configured to use pads for left/right scrolling, that can
* interfere with calls to this function that assume they're wrapping.

and ....

yup! that takes care of the CRASH/dump.

however, at first launch, i still get the dots-n-lines blinkig on a blue screen ...

good news is that it goes away after linking to a site -- i.e., back to my shell defaults.

Same behaviour here under AIX 5.1 (using gcc 4.0). I configured lynx with

  --prefix=/usr/local/contrib \
  --with-screen=ncurses \
  --with-curses-dir=/usr/local/contrib/ncurses-5.3 \
  --enable-persistent-cookies --enable-cgi-links \
  --enable-default-colors --enable-color-style --enable-forms-options \
  --with-zlib --enable-prettysrc --enable-read-eta --enable-scrollbar \
  --with-ssl=/usr/local/contrib \
  --enable-addrlist-page --enable-file-upload \
  --enable-justify-elts --enable-nested-tables \
  --enable-source-cache --enable-internal-links --with-x



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