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[Lynx-dev] Not a bug report but a request to fix display of <tfoot>

From: Leon Davison
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Not a bug report but a request to fix display of <tfoot>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 01:17:30 +1300
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I try to develop websites that are valid as well as compliant for accessibility and I've come across something that isn't widely used yet, is w3c standard, and supported by many browsers and that is how tables are displayed using <thead> <tfoot> <tbody>, it goes in that order due to the fact that the <tfoot> needs to be pre-seen by the browser and displayed at the foot of the table. Currently when viewing it in lynx, it displays it where it is listed in the code, but is displayed correctly in graphical browsers.

I use <thead> to mark the headings of the tables, <tfoot> as the footer and <tbody> as the body. But due to how it's displayed in lynx the headers can sometimes make no sense if <tfoot> is displayed afterwards. A site that can be tested to see this difference is my own site I know that I can work around this and just not use <tfoot> and just add the footer part to the last bit of <tbody> but that destroys the purpose, it's also invalid to use <tfoot> after <tbody> by w3c because of it needing to be pre-seen.

I'm just wondering if there's any chance to get lynx to display the <tfoot> section after the </tbody> or last bit of that table it's used in.

Thanks in advance.


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