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[Lynx-dev] another display bug

From: Thorsten Glaser
Subject: [Lynx-dev] another display bug
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 21:44:42 +0000 (UTC)


in xterm (iso-8859-1), when viewing an iso-8859-1 site, if the last
character is a high-bit7 character, lynx adds an additional line
break, like in (excuse the long line):

[22:14] <mira> uh uh da kann jemand net mit dns umgehen :-)
[22:15] <mira> aber fehlersuche hier" macht keinerlei spaß, wenn thor und loki 
abwechselnd jeweils crashen und hä

[22:36] benz (address@hidden) joined #deutsch.

(this is a snippet from an IRC log, obviously ;)

The botttom of the page, where the links are, looks like:

[22:38] <benz> brotteig, sauerrahm, zwiebeln und speck
[22:38] <benz> sehr, sehr lecker
[22:38] <mira> naja, klingt komisch ;)
       previous day     next day
   [13]previous day [14]next day
                                     egg2html.php-2004 by [15]maol    Source

The upper "previous day" is selected and yellow, the lower "[13]previous day"
is green as if it were not selected.

Resizing the xterm (reducing width by 1) does NOT fix the problem, instead,
the whole output - even of another page (pressing v) - becomes garbled.
Pressing Q and starting lynx again (with the window size -1) fixes it, even
if viewing the same IRC log page again.

Lynx is compiled via
(summary: using ncurses, color-style, justify-elts, nested-tables, cjk)


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