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Re: lynx-dev download options resend

From: Stef Caunter
Subject: Re: lynx-dev download options resend
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 20:06:51 -0400

> > I am not sure what would be of interest so here's the whole thing.
> a little - are the lines with "FIXME" those that you added?  (I don't
> see them in my source).

It's an unedited trace if that's what you mean.

It looks as if you're doing
> lynx

That was just to get to the download options page as quickly as possible.

> I don't recall noticing the help-link before, but see that's been there
> a while.  Since it's the first link on the page, that may be why it's
> the default.

It is always the default, whether I have asked for the download before or

> Looking at the file-history, I can see that the reason it appeared is
> an unexpected side-effect of this:
> 2003-06-01 (2.8.5dev.16)
> * modify LYwouldPush(), omitting the download page from list of
>   pages which should not be pushed onto the history stack when visiting
>   page, such as info or help.  Otherwise the downloaded file is discarded
>   (report by BL) -TD
> The relevant logic in BeginInternalPage() is
>     if ((user_mode == NOVICE_MODE)
>      && LYwouldPush(Title, NULL)
>      && (HelpURL != 0)) {
> fprintf(fp0, "<h1>%s (%s%s%s), <a href=\"%s%s\">help</a></h1>\n",
> helpfilepath, HelpURL);
>     } else {
> fprintf(fp0, "<h1>%s (%s%s%s)</h1>\n",
>     }

Interesting. The help link does not appear when I set DEFAULT_USER_MODE to
ADVANCED, which I had not checked in my lynx.cfg. Thanks, that seems to do
the trick.

> So the help-link logic was there, but unused for a long time (for the
> Download-page).  I guess it would be a nice improvement to make the
> active link _not_ the help-link in this case


(I'm not sure right now
> what would have to be changed to accomplish this).
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> Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>
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