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lynx-dev another instance when automatic space insertion is not wanted

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: lynx-dev another instance when automatic space insertion is not wanted
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 12:16:51 +0900 (JST)

Once I submitted a patch to have Lynx NOT automatically insert a space at
the end of a wrapped line in the physical document.  It was a "quick fix"
ifdefed for when the document was in CJK because the spaces are not
appropriate between "words" in Japanese.  Someone astutely pointed
out the flaw that Lynx really needs to keep track of whether or not
the final character is a single-byte ascii or the second half of a multi-
byte character, and make the decision to insert a space or not based on
that rather than on the document's character set.  After that Tom ifdefed
it to some EXP (although I wish he had just backed the whole thing out
since I'm probably the only one who uses it).

Anyway, I've just come across another case when it's a bad idea to blindly
insert a space.  As you all know harvesting for e-mail addresses has become
downright vicious these days to the point that you don't want to put your
e-mail anywhere in a Web page.  Unfortunately, sometimes you HAVE to put
it in a page, so to get a modicum of protection, you might encode it.
For example, you might encode "mailto:address@hidden"; as:
<a href="
(two line breaks).  Well, that's fine if you're using MSIE or some such
beast, but Lynx will turn that into "mailto:someo address@hidden .com".  Note
the spaces after the "o" and the "e".  Lynx will attempt to send a letter
to three people, "someo" "address@hidden" and ".com", if you hit return on
that link.  The only way to not break it in Lynx is to concatenate the line.

Ah ..., just FYI.  No time here to do anything about it.


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