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lynx-dev compile on HP-UX ia64

From: Webmaster Jim
Subject: lynx-dev compile on HP-UX ia64
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 09:04:27 -0400

We got an Itanium workstation running HP-UX to play with, so the
first thing I did was compile Lynx.  Configure and make worked out
of the box, with only one trivial language whine:

         cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DSNAKE -I../../.. -I../../../src -I../../..
-I../../../src -I. ./../../WWW/Library/Implementation -Wp,-H600000
-I../../../WWW/Library/Implementation/ -DXMOSAIC_HACK -DACCESS_AUTH -c

Warning (anachronism) 410:
"../../../WWW/Library/Implementation/HTFile.c", line 2788 # Illegal '++'
on 'enum ProgramPaths'; cannot increment or decrement enums.

        for (code = ppUnknown + 1; code < pp_Last; ++code) {

bash-2.04$ uname -a
HP-UX unknown B.11.22 U ia64 0000000000 unlimited-user license
bash-2.04$ cc --version
(Bundled) cc: HP ANSI C++/C B3910B A.05.36 [Apr 18 2002]

Marvin the Paranoid Android says:
I'm not getting you down am I?

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