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Re: bzip2 causing lynx code compiler errors under Windows

From: Victor Schneider, Ph. D.
Subject: Re: bzip2 causing lynx code compiler errors under Windows
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 20:01:51 -0500

>>I think the culprit on the matter of compiling the latest lynx source is the
>>bzip2 program.  If you download lynx-cur.bz2 and untarball it using the
>>command line:
>>    bzip2 -cd lynx-cur.bz2 | tar xv
>>you will find that there are escape characters in the source code,
>>especially in lyutils.c, and that there are frequent compiler crashes during
>>the attempt at compilation.
>>Downloading lynxyyyyyy.tar.bz2 gives a fairly routine compile, with success.
>>Except that sending an article to lynx-dev using lynx and blat.exe doesn't
>>seem to work anymore.
>P. S.  I re-tested lynx-cur.bz2 using different combinations of bzip2 and
>tar, with and without piping, and I still get compiler crashes and escape

P. P. S.  For some reason, downloading with Internet Explorer from UNOHU
gives a lynx-cur.bz2 that can be dezipped and detarred and still compile.
Maybe a newer lynx-cur.bz2 is to blame, or maybe lynx.exe doesn't know
how to download lynx-cur.bz2.

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