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Unterminated comments and view source (was Re: lynx-dev

From: Michael Warner
Subject: Unterminated comments and view source (was Re: lynx-dev
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 11:18:29 -0700
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On or about 22 Oct, 2002, Clemens Fischer
<address@hidden> wrote:

> address@hidden:
> > Near the beginning of your page at
> >, there's the markup:
> >
> >     <!-- Hiding script from older browsers
> >
> > However, I see no matching "-->" which would end the hiding,
> > so I can not view the page with an older browser, even though
> > it apparently contains classical HTML, apparently to support
> > older browsers.
> that's odd!  maybe it has to do with "old-style" comments,
> because w3m renders the site ok.  and there really is no "-->"
> to match the comment start ...
> i tried the ' (single-quote) command, but still no output.

I think a back-tick ( ` ) would have worked better, except that
it won't work either, in this case.  Lynx needs *something* it
can recognize as a malformed comment terminator to recover from.
No terminator at all won't work.

What surprised me was that source view didn't show anything after
the start of the comment.  I don't remember seeing that before,
but maybe I just always assumed I was being served an empty page
for some reason.  Shouldn't source view show the contents of an
unclosed comment, or does it do so, indicating a problem on my
end?  "D"ownloading the page got the full source.

Using dev8 on cygwin.

Michael Warner   | Procrastinate now.
<address@hidden> |

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