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Re: lynx-dev SSL problem.

From: Clemens Fischer
Subject: Re: lynx-dev SSL problem.
Date: 10 Oct 2002 23:53:48 +0200
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"Michel SUCH" <address@hidden>:

> We have a problem connecting to the following link with latest lynx.

i checked.  i got "Alert!: Error uncompressing temporary file!".  the
filename given exists, but it has no .gz ending.  it contains correct
HTML, except for some <img src="/i/"
... > tags.  i can't tell what's the matter here.

does anybody know some good sites to check for ssl and/or compressed

for accurate messages, check the "LYNXMESSAGES://" URL from within

> Lynx connects but returns garbage on screen.

i did get the expected content, no garble.  OTOH, i'm not registered
to use webmail on t-online...


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