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Re: lynx-dev Dillo

From: Clemens Fischer
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Dillo
Date: 26 Sep 2002 22:12:58 +0200
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Petr Baudis <address@hidden> writes:

> You would be maybe surprised, but the "JavaScript required everywhere" popular
> belief is not true from a large part. In fact, most of the sites are perfectly
> functional without JavaScript and if they use it, frequently only for
> additional eyecandy or convience. Sure there are places where it's a no-go

... the reason beeing propably because javascript isn't the same
across platforms and browsers.  it seems it is used mainly to provide
fancy buttons to pick some help-URL or popup commercials when the
mouse hovers over something.

maybe it is much easier for the site-designer to provide alternatives
for non-script parts to restrict js like that.  this in turn should
encourage us to complain if some site is inaccessible for
text-browsers.  so we should complain always about this type of
unneccessary javascript!


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