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lynx-dev Re: No tracking due to no len on event

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: lynx-dev Re: No tracking due to no len on event
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:40:50 +0900 (JST)

                          Whenever possible, use text.

  Text saves bandwidth and helps prevent the spread of computer viruses.  No
  unannounced attachments of any kind are received at this site.  In addition,
  content of the type listed below is automatically deleted from all mail
  entering this domain.  If the deleted portion was essential to communicate
  your message, please send a text message to ask for the key.  Thank you.

     content-type: text/html, text/enriched, or application/octet-stream
     transfer-encoding: base64, uuencode
     executables: *.(bat|chm|com|eml|exe|hta|lnk|nws|pif|scr|vbe|vbs|wsf)



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