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Re: lynx-dev xli -quiet

From: Clemens Fischer
Subject: Re: lynx-dev xli -quiet
Date: 17 Sep 2002 20:33:43 +0200
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Ian Collier <address@hidden> writes:

> The output is going to stdout as far as I can tell (even if there's an
> error).

mine sends its text to stderr:

  $xli /home/toor/bilder/firefighters1.png 2>/dev/null
  /home/toor/bilder/firefighters1.png is a 259x317 8 bit deep RGB PNG
  image, gamma = 0.45455
  Modification time: 2002/5/21 12:44:05
  Software: XV Version 3.10a Rev: 12/29/94 (jp-extension 5.3.3 + PNG
  patch 1.2d)
    Building XImage...done
    Have adjusted image from 2.20 to display gamma of 2.20


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