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Re: lynx-dev -anonymous broken in 2.8.4?

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev -anonymous broken in 2.8.4?
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 17:59:01 +0900 (JST)

> lynx to spawn somethign specific, I'd rather the option just wasn't
> there.

Agree 99.9%.  The 0.1% is that the administrator needs to edit his
help files, keymap.c, etc. to specifically delete mention of the options
that don't exist.

> > An attempt by an anonymous user to suspend or go to shell should kick
> > the user off of the system (end the telnet session).  It's been a while,
> I disagree, lynx should just ignore requests to suspend or go to
> shell as, especially for people not used to lynx and text based

That's what I meant to say.  Lynx should ignore requests as you say,
but _if_ some clown finds a way to get around that, then it's best if
they have nothing to gain by getting out of (or crashing) Lynx.

> > but I don't remember Lynx even honoring "!" by the anonymous user other
> > than to say SPAWNING_DISABLED.
> Just tested this, and with -anonymous lynx will still quite happily
> spawn a shell. /* 2.8.4 */                      ^^^^^

I don't remember it being that way originally.  The pubLynx I used to run
did not allow shell-spawning; it gave a message to the effect that shell-
spawning was disabled.  (I know because I did not translate any strings
which were not used, and that one was translated.  [Prior to gettext.])
The last Lynx I had up for public access was 2.8.2.  Unfortunately, I have
completely forgotten how I configured (or hacked) Lynx to not allow that.
It definitely should not be happening.


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