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Re: lynx-dev -anonymous broken in 2.8.4?

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev -anonymous broken in 2.8.4?
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 18:58:00 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.3.27i

On Fri, Sep 06, 2002 at 11:33:16PM +0100, RobertM wrote:
> > > Many apologies, you do seem to be correct on all counts.
> > but is the behavior different between 2.8.3 and 2.8.4?  A quick check of
> > the 2.8.3 in my /usr/bin seems to behave the same way (aside from allowing
> > a save of the .lynxrc file).
> That I'm not so sure about.

well, it's something to test (and possibly fix).  Just to review - it's
been a while since I was in that area - one of the things I did for this
was to generate the on/off text so I can see what's compiled-in, or has
been set so far via the options.  Here's "lynx -anonymous -restrictions":

USAGE: lynx -restrictions=[option][,option][,option]
List of Options:
  ?                 when used alone, list restrictions in effect.
  all               restricts all options.
  bookmark          disallow changing the location of the bookmark file (off)
  bookmark_exec     disallow execution links via the bookmark file (off)
  change_exec_perms disallow changing the eXecute permission on files
                    (but still allow it for directories) when local file
                    management is enabled. (off)
  compileopts_info  disable info on options used to compile the binary (on)
  default           same as commandline option -anonymous.  Sets the
                    default service restrictions for anonymous users.  Set to
                    all restricted, except for: inside_telnet, outside_telnet,
                    inside_ftp, outside_ftp, inside_rlogin, outside_rlogin,
                    inside_news, outside_news, telnet_port, jump, mail, print,
                    exec, and goto.  The settings for these, as well as
                    additional goto restrictions for specific URL schemes
                    that are also applied, are derived from definitions
                    within userdefs.h.
  dired_support     disallow local file management (off)
  disk_save         disallow saving to disk in the download and print menus 
  dotfiles          disallow access to, or creation of, hidden (dot) files (off)
  download          disallow some downloaders in the download menu (off)
  editor            disallow editing (off)
  exec              disable execution scripts (on)
  exec_frozen       disallow the user from changing the execution link option 
  externals         disable passing URLs to some external programs (off)
  file_url          disallow using G)oto, served links or bookmarks for
                    file: URL's (off)
  goto              disable the 'g' (goto) command (off)
  inside_ftp        disallow ftps coming from inside your domain (off)
  inside_news       disallow USENET news reading and posting coming
                    from inside your domain (off)
  inside_rlogin     disallow rlogins coming from inside your domain (off)
  inside_telnet     disallow telnets coming from inside your domain (off)
  jump              disable the 'j' (jump) command (on)
  lynxcfg_info      disable viewing of lynx.cfg configuration file info (on)
  lynxcfg_xinfo     disable extended lynx.cfg viewing and reloading (on)
  mail              disallow mail (off)
  multibook         disallow multiple bookmark files (off)
  news_post         disallow USENET News posting. (off)
  option_save       disallow saving options in .lynxrc (off)
  outside_ftp       disallow ftp coming from outside your domain (on)
  outside_news      disallow USENET news reading and posting coming
                    from outside your domain (on)
  outside_rlogin    disallow rlogins coming from outside your domain (on)
  outside_telnet    disallow telnets coming from outside your domain (on)
  print             disallow most print options (on)
  shell             disallow shell escapes, and lynxexec, lynxprog or lynxcgi
                    G)oto's (off)
  suspend           disallow Control-Z suspends with escape to shell (off)
  telnet_port       disallow specifying a port in telnet G)oto's (on)
  useragent         disallow modifications of the User-Agent header (off)
Other restrictions (see the user's guide):
  lynxcgi, chdir, goto_bibp, goto_configinfo, goto_cso
  goto_file, goto_finger, goto_ftp, goto_gopher, goto_http
  goto_https, goto_lynxcgi, goto_lynxexec, goto_lynxprog
  goto_mailto, goto_news, goto_nntp, goto_rlogin, goto_snews
  goto_telnet, goto_tn3270, goto_wais

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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