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lynx-dev -post_data and cookies

From: Tene Kye
Subject: lynx-dev -post_data and cookies
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 20:06:36 +0200

I trying to use post_data for automatic sending of SMS through the website
of my mobile phone operator.  I read the previous posts on post_data usage
and successfully tested the option on different sites.

The problem is this: The SMS website requires me to log on every time I want
to use the service.  I used post_data for the login form and it worked.  But
the form for sending, where you enter the message and phone number, didn't.
My guess is that it has something to do with the cookies.  After you log on,
the site wants to leave a cookie.  If you reject it, the login page, instead
of the sending form, is re-displayed.  I tried this: I accepted the cookie,
and then, after the sending form has been loaded, I deleted it and tried to
send the SMS.  It didn't work -- again the login form was displayed.
Everything works fine if you accept the cookie and don't mess with it.  I
tried this with the Konqueror browser, because I couldn't find out where
lynx keeps it's cookies.

It seems that post_data doesn't work with the sending form, beacuse the site
looks for a cookie that is left after submitting the login form.  Is there
something I can do about this?

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