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Re: lynx-dev Thinking of a Possible Javascript to html Converter

From: Patrick
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Thinking of a Possible Javascript to html Converter
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 18:42:50 -0700

In "Re: lynx-dev Thinking of a Possible Javascript to html Converter"
[03/Jul/2001Tue 14:50:07]
David Woolley wrote:

> > this is too much to ask. I am not asking that those who know the library
> > develop a javascript library, so do not misunderstand me.
> It's not really a library; it's at the top of the control structure
> and uses the browsers rendering engine as a library.  It requires 
> a rendering engine that can dynamically reformat the display, popup
> windows and switch focus between two concurrent windows.

Sure it does...  *if* you want Lynx to handle JavaScript exactly
the same as the big 2 .  But that's not what he's proposing.

Does Lynx handle image maps the same way?  Or images, for that
matter?  Frames?  Of course not.  Its handling of tables is also
pretty unique.  I can imagine a lot of simple JavaScript examples,
like popups appearing as a link, or links, named [POPUP] in the
page body, the same way image [LINK]s are rendered.  Or some way
of rendering absolute and relative URLs within a script as links.
Rendering these links at an appropriate place in the document
would be a special treat I guess [say, where a menu containing
an onChange="getUrlFunction();" event handler is rendered as a
list, combining URLs from the script and values from the <SELECT>

Et cetera ad nauseum.

One thing that's bothered me on this list is the general attitude
towards suggestions.  Quite often, replies are along the lines
of; "you can't do that because of [condition]," or; "that would
be very difficult because of [condition]."  Very rarely have I
seen; "okay, guess you could do that if you want, but how would
you get around [same condition]?"

>From someone like me, who's not going to implement these ideas
himself -- basically just thinking out loud -- that's no surprise.
But when these suggestions come from someone like Mr. Chappa,
who *is* willing to do his own coding...  it seems a bit rude.

If you're not open to ideas and assistance, you won't get any.


        "There isn't any normality left for anybody in
        this society,  and when it comes to computers,
        when the going got weird the weird turned pro!
        The status quo is *over!*  Wake up to it!  Get
        used to it!"
                                -- Bruce Sterling

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