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lynx-dev lynx386 sendmail.bat HELP

From: Kenneth D. Schieman
Subject: lynx-dev lynx386 sendmail.bat HELP
Date: (No, or invalid, date.)

     I recently installed lynx386 on a dos 6.22 machine it works fine but
mailto: which uses sendmail.bat does not.  I get an error message
to the effect that  cp can not create a regular file  file or directory does
not exest.  I am not surprised becouse the destination in the  cp  line
does NOT make sense in msdos.  I am including the sendmail.bat file
and the mail.cfg file in the hope someone has an answer to my problem.

     I realize this is a developers list but I could not find help enywhere 

     Thank you for your attention.  I hope someone has a solution.

                                                     Kenneth D. schieman

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