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lynx-dev Patch: Users Guide

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev Patch: Users Guide
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 02:11:34 -0400
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someone else has just added a note on command-logging,
so here are the other 2 items for Users Guide:
it's very brief, but the Guide should mention all Lynx topics somewhere.

--- old/Lynx_users_guide.html   Mon Feb 26 21:41:57 2001
+++ new/Lynx_users_guide.html   Tue Jun 26 02:04:48 2001
@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
 <li><A HREF="#Bookmarks" NAME="ToC-Bookmarks">Lynx bookmarks</A>
 <li><A HREF="#Jumps" NAME="ToC-Jumps">Jump command</A>
 <li><A HREF="#DirEd" NAME="ToC-DirEd">Directory Editing</A>
+<li><A HREF="#ColorMouse" NAME="ToC-ColorMouse">Using Color & the Mouse</A>
 <li><A HREF="#MiscKeys" NAME="ToC-MiscKeys">Scrolling and Other useful 
 <li><a href="#Forms" NAME="ToC-Forms">Lynx and HTML Forms</a>
 | <a href="#Images" NAME="ToC-Images">Lynx and HTML Images</a>
@@ -1145,6 +1146,13 @@
     <A HREF="#lynx.cfg">lynx.cfg</A> .
 [<A HREF="#ToC-DirEd">ToC</A>]
+<h2 ID="ColorMouse"><A NAME="ColorMouse"><em>Using Color & the 
+A limited range of colors & mouse commands are available, if the user chooses:
+see <em>lynx.cfg</em> for details.
+[<A HREF="#ToC-ColorMouse">ToC</A>]
 <h2 ID="MiscKeys"><A NAME="MiscKeys"><em>Scrolling and Other useful 
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