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lynx-dev feeding input to lynx-ssl on stdin?

From: Harland Christofferson
Subject: lynx-dev feeding input to lynx-ssl on stdin?
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 20:32:22 -0400

I am trying to use a script and lynx-ssl to logon to
and navigate an ssl webserver. One attempt I have
tried follows: | lynx

sleep 10s
echo 123123
echo 3434

You may get the idea. At this point, I am trying to feed a 
down-arrow, a username, a password, and a carrage-return.
Why you may ask? Because I am at my wit's end. I have tried
to cat a script, i.e., cat script | lynx <URL>. I even tried
using the -post_data switch but didn't really know what format
to put the scripted data into (some sort of HTML tags I am

I see that there were threads a year and a half ago on this
but I don't see any conclusive answer. Can anyone help?


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