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Re: lynx-dev Distributable Cygwin Versions

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Distributable Cygwin Versions
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 22:56:16 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 17 Jun 2001, Lloyd Rasmussen wrote:

> I've finally gotten enough things straightened out that I compiled
> 2.8.4 Pre2 on Cygwin with SSL.  I've been trying to let someone else
> try out the program, but find that several of the DLLs need to be
> included if Cygwin is not running.  But it appears to me that Lynx
> won't run unless most of Cygwin is installed on your system.  Am I
> correct?  The current problem is that it cannot find a term=cygwin;
> and if you set term=vt100 before starting Lynx, it can't find that
> either.

If you compile with "-DALL_STATIC" added to CFLAGS in the makefile
and with "-static" added to the beginning of LIBS in the makefile,
then you should only need cygwin1.dll placed in Windows\System for
it to work on a system without Cygwin installed. If you want to
look at local files, however, if you haven't mounted the drives you
need to refer to them as "file:///cygdrive/f/myfile.txt" instead
of "file:///f:/myfile.txt". If you want a binary that will work
without cygwin1.dll, you probably need to look at mingw. I just
compiled 2.8.4pre.2 with ncurses 5.2 as distributed precompiled by the
Cygwin project. If you use ncurses, rather than Slang, you will also
need to install the terminfo file for cygwin and point the TERMINFO
environment variable to the directory that contains "c/cygwin". This
step shouldn't be necessary with Slang. Also note that absolute paths
are compiled in by default for the external programs called by lynx.
If you want something distributable, you may want to configure with

Also, if you are making a version for distribution, don't forget that
some of the algorithms included by default in openssl are covered by
software patents in the US and a few other countries, so the binary
that you make may not be distributable under the GNU license. If you
want something distributable, be sure to compile openssl with at
least the configure options "no-idea" and "no-rc5". My patch to allow
compilation of openssl-0.9.6a for DOS and Cygwin is on the archives of
the openssl mailing list at:

I see that there is a precompiled lynx 2.8.3 as part of the Cygwin
distribution. I haven't had time to investigate it. Does anyone know
who compiled this, which version of lynx it is, or with which options
it was compiled? I suspect that it defaults to requiring the libz and
cygncurses5 dll's, so it might not be of much use if the full Cygwin
distribution is not installed.

Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden

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