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Re: lynx-dev Is this List for Lynx users or *just* developers

From: Duke Normandin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Is this List for Lynx users or *just* developers
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 06:32:49 -0600
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On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 09:27:00AM +0100, RobertM wrote:
> It is alleged that Duke Normandin once typed:
> [snip]
> > Fair enough! I ask there a 'Lynx-user' group, so that I can
> > quit disturbing _this_ list? If it was up to me only, I'd quit using Lynx
> > in favor of 'Links' and/or 'w3m'. However, I'm developing a multi-page
> > HTML document (docs) and am adamant that it will be 'text-based browser'
> > friendly. I'm getting great page-renderings is IE4+, Netscape, Links and
> > w3m -- but some of what works in the aforesaid browsers, doesn't in Lynx.
> > This is a _major_ PITA, and makes it extremely difficult to produce
> > a document that will be friendly to Lynx AND the rest of the text-based
> > and graphical browsers --- especially those HTML tags for which Lynx only
> > has half-hearted support.
> One thing that might eb relevant, is your copy of lynx using 
> strict (SortaSGML mode)
> or 
> relaxed (TagSoup mode)
> For HTML error recovery?
> Working on a problem recently with the public lynx client changing
> between these two modes made a lot of difference on how tables where
> displayed.
> -- 
> Robm

Good point... I've tried using ^V to switch between the two -- no joy!
My problem is fairly simple -- Lynx seems to not respect the "width"
element for <td>. I want to display a simple 'navbar' like:

Prev                  Home                Up                      Next
Page1                                                            Page3

For the other browsers, the following works:
<table border="0" width="100%">
        <td width="25%" align="right">Prev</td>
    <td width="25%" align="center">Home</td>
    <td width="25%" align="center">Up</td>
    <td width="25%" align="right">Next</td>
        <td colspan="2" width="50%" align="right")Page1</td>    
        <td colspan="2" width="50%" align="right")Page3</td>

Shouldn't be a _big_ deal -- but it is with Lynx -- unless I'm missing
something, which is quite possible ;) Thanks for the suggestion!
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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