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Re: lynx-dev anyone have a way to use lynx and lycos?

From: bomfog34
Subject: Re: lynx-dev anyone have a way to use lynx and lycos?
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 16:44:56 -0800
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On or about 30 Mar, 2001, Larry W. Virden
<address@hidden> wrote:

> Whereas in the distant past used to be usable as a search
> engine, in the past n months, it now attempts to download a file called
> vnd.wap.wml instead of presenting a web page. 
> Unless lynx has a flag for accepting wml and processing it locally, it
> appears to me we need either an alternative url to lycos or to drop lycos
> from the lynx help page.  It is my opinion that no lynx hostile web page
> should be listed on the lynx help page...

Lycos works fine for me.  Unpatched dev19 compiled on cygwin/W95, w/ SSL and
ncurses.  Nary a trace of "wml" in Lynx.trace, and the only "wap" is in the 
anchor text "WAP/SMS", or something like that.

Michael Warner

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