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lynx-dev Re: [PATCH 2.8.4dev.19] table line wrap

From: Ilya Zakharevich
Subject: lynx-dev Re: [PATCH 2.8.4dev.19] table line wrap
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 19:44:37 -0500
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On Sat, Mar 17, 2001 at 09:37:36PM -0500, I wrote:
> It also removes a bogus dependency between wide-screen display and
> line wrapping outside tables.  For this, I needed to replace LYcols
> inside GridText.c by one of 3 choices: LYcols, DISPLAY_COLS, and

Thomas wrote:

 two seemed to be sufficient (changing the meaning of LYcols just opens
 up a lot of new problems, you seem to be using DISPLAY_COLS to mean
 what LYcols does now, and changing the meaning of LYcols).


what *you* did changed the meaning of LYcols, which is the screen

Screen width should be used for drawing the decorative frame around
the document, formed by the title line, the status line, the prompts,
and the scrollbar.  DISPLAY_COLS is the width of the pad into which we
draw the text of the document - used only in the bug-avoidance
safeguards.  WRAP_COLS is used to fit the document.  Probably the
fourth one is needed as well - for centering, as my DIV example shows.


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