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Re: lynx-dev Why isn't the show_image option saved?

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Why isn't the show_image option saved?
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 02:14:34 -0500
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010312 Henry Nelson wrote:
> there's no good reason to even offer "verbose images"
> when "show images" is set at "ignored".

very reasonable: a lot of Lynx features/eccentricities are traceable back
to the Age of Giants, when Lynx underwent rapid expansion
& no-one gave much thought to how to organise or present the many items.

> So which way are you going to go: make both permanently saved in .lynrc
> or make "verbose images" subordinate to "show images," as seems intuitive?

my vote is for the 2nd.

> there is a single-key toggle for MAKE_LINKS_FOR_ALL_IMAGES,
> in addition to a compile-time define and a command-line switch
> (last I looked some years ago).

too many.

> All three related options (LINKS, VERBOSE, PSEUDO-ALTS) and their interaction
> are explained well in lynx.cfg, where the preferences may be set permanently.
> I see no advantage to the duplication.

since you are recalling the past, one of the reasons cited then
was the importance of not inconveniencing anonymous users,
who are today a much smaller proportion of Lynx users than they once were.
the options menus are of use (1) to anons who can't alter  lynx.cfg 
& (2) other users for quick changes related to some particular document:
the latter may well want to juggle permutations of these three.

> I see a trend in new users to hit 'o'ptions, rather than 'K'eymap.
> I see this as a direct outcome of an over-extended Options Menu.

i don't know where you would get evidence for such a trend.

> I trust Philip, Leonid or Klaus will supply the rebuttal to these arguments.

well for once, i seem to be agreeing with you generally (smile).

> The real solution is to have defined multiple choices set up as tables.
> This requires programming which no one is willing to do and no one demands.

certainly, it is well down the list of priorities,
but TD's original comment suggested he was willing to sort things out,
so -- as usual -- we should all be grateful & leave him to it (big smile).

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