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lynx-dev Re: need info about lynx design/architecture

From: Al Gilman
Subject: lynx-dev Re: need info about lynx design/architecture
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:32:54 -0500

At 10:48 AM 2000-12-14 -0800, you wrote:
>My name is Abhijit K. I have the source code of DOS based text lynx browser
>version 2.2
>And trying to understand the flow and architecture/Design of it. If you have
>got any document on this please send me one... 
>I will be more than glad to talk to you over phone. Please let me know your
>contact no.
>Best Regards

1.  There is no documentation that suffices.  Or at least, the most effective
investment of your time is a balanced mix of reading what documentation there
is, reading the code and comments, and compiling changes into it to learn the
development ropes.  

So a minimum requirement to get anywhere would be for you to do is to join the
lynx-dev mailing list and compare notes with the other developers as you do
whatever you do.

2.  version 2.2 is truly ancient.  You should be aware that the current Lynx
development does support 32-bit WinTel architectures as one of its multiple
currrent supported target platforms.  Do you really need a 16-bit program?

Anyhow, sign up on the list, announce what your objectives are, you will get
pointers on how to do it and help when stuck.


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