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Re: lynx-dev NLS

From: Morten Bo Johansen
Subject: Re: lynx-dev NLS
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 00:59:19 +0100
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Morten Bo Johansen <address@hidden> wrote:

> Henry Nelson <address@hidden> wrote:

> > If you have the time and interest, however, your proposals might carry
> > more weight if you were to list up the "complete and correct," the
> > "partial," and the "should be deleted" po files.  
> I wil make a list of this and return with the results.

Ok., I'm back again...

In the following I'm listing the po-files found in the archive

according to Henry's categories as quoted above. As for the
"correct" stamp this only reflects a clean exit from issuing
the command msgfmt --check --verbose (bound to 'V' in emacs
po-mode), i.e. if all messages are translated and the syntax
check goes well then I list them as "complete & correct". I
have mentioned the statistics after each file and using the
French file as example then 997t/1f/556u/- means that 997
messages have been translated, 1 message is fuzzy, 556 messages
have gone untranslated and it does not pass the syntax check. 

Complete & correct:       Partial:               Should be deleted:

de.po (1107t/+)           cs.po (1038t/3u/+)     es.po (stub)

nl.po (1104t/+)           ru.po (1087t/17u/+)    fr.po - 2.8.2 (997t/1f/556u/-) 
pt_BR.po (1041t/+)                               it.po (stub)
                                                 ko.po (stub)

                                                 no.po (stub)

                                                 pl.po (stub)
                                                 pt.po (stub)

                                                 sl.po (551t/490u/+)

                                                 sv.po (stub)                   

The "should be deleted" selection is a matter of personal
opinion. We have already discussed the pros and cons of this.

As for the rest I notice that the number of messages varies
even if all po files are listed as pertaining to rel. 2.8.3
except for the French one which pertains to rel. 2.8.2. There
should have been 1107 translated messages, I think - so if you
apply that criterion as well there actually only is one
complete file, namely the German one..



"Every age is fed on illusions, lest men should renounce life early and 
 the human race come to an end."                        (Joseph Conrad)

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