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Re: lynx-dev TRST : see LHFB

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev TRST : see LHFB
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 03:45:04 -0500 (EST)

991110 Klaus Weide wrote: 
PW> Supported URLs doesn't tell the user
PW> how to get the script to process a file from Lynx;
PW> HN's example had no input from Lynx or from any file.
> So you may want to add some links to the usual places for CGI info.

which are ... ?
PW> Supported URLs warns users not to use lynxcgi outside strict limits:
>>    This is a Lynxism and should be used only in local documents
>>    intended solely for Lynx, or for limited local testing of CGI
>>    scripts without an http server.
> Are these strict limits?

sounds pretty strict to me.
PW> i don't believe lynxcgi is what is needed for my purpose.
> I find 'G', ^A, x, <enter> more convenient than your key sequence.

presumably, the document is already on-screen when you discover the tables
& if it's serious (eg for your work), you want to print it to a file:
the extra keystrokes are  \  n  (ie the print-screen link number),
plus  g  & the URL if you want to re-view the cleaned-up result.
moreover, anyone can use it: you don't need to know even awk,
let alone the eccentricities of lynxcgi & CERN-style rules.

of course, it should be a single Lynx key to switch to TableSoup.
Joe User can't & shouldn't be expected to know how to write scripts
nor how to get them to work with Lynx: JU isn't a programmer or sysadmin.

> you've got my script using sed (which didn't work for you),
it produced error messages from the awk software on our system.
i'm sorry, but after this exercise i'm left with the impression
that i've discovered a tiny area in which you aren't an expert (smile):
it looks as if you don't know the differences between sed & awk.
sed is limited to processing whole lines one at a time:
it can't separate lines into fields for sequential processing
nor define variables to be retained from line to line;
hence, it can't handle nested tables, as my awk script does.

> You've got an awk script that reportedly works for you.
i hope you don't question the accuracy of my report ... (smile pending)

> What's the problem in replacing that sed invocation with an awk invocation?

it doesn't work: the problem seems to be
that awk has to be used with a separate program file (my  ltab.m1 ),
which conflicts with the format for CERN rules (in your examples).
in any case, it's unnecessarily complex.

i have amended Lynx Help For Beginners to reflect your new table-processing,
with a link to my new document which describes the awk procedure.
comments welcome.

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