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lynx-dev mail attachments

From: purslow
Subject: lynx-dev mail attachments
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 00:09:01 -0400 (EDT)

>i've forgotten how the mail-attachment thread started
>-- NO! i'm not going to search the Archive for it ... -- ,
>but surely it's easy to mail things from Lynx: i do it all the time.
>one way is to use  g , then  mailto:e-address :
>you are asked: "Do you wish to include the original message?"
>-- which is inaccurate, since the "message" is a file or WWW page -- ;
>you can also use  g , followed by  .  to access your own directories,
>so you can go to a file you have prepared & include that (as previous).
that is precisely what i am doing at present,
the previous  10 lines  being a file in one of my UNIX directories;
presumably the same thing works on other platforms.

the use of  g  .  is probably not widely known among users:
no, you don't have to have dired installed (i don't).
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