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[lwip-users] Sending data more than 1472 bytes using UDP

From: Mohammad Tavakoli
Subject: [lwip-users] Sending data more than 1472 bytes using UDP
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2020 15:02:40 +0330

I made a TCP server on STM32F407 using lwIP version 2.1.2 and it worked fine. Now for some reasons I need to run a UDP server on the MCU. I tried and it worked fine for data size below 1472 bytes. Yet the desired data length is around 16KB to 20KB.
1. I searched and found that IP_FRAG should  be  defined 1 to allow send data over MTU size. It is enabled by default. I read from an email [1] that IP_FRAG_MAX_MTU should be also changed to a proper value. However I cannot realize where it is!
2. Another approach employed by me is to send chopped data whose size are below 1472 bytes in a for loop but the for loop only executes first time and the MCU goes stop status. How I must send data in a for loop?


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