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[lwip-users] Is it possible to use LwIP Netconn API on an RTOS without s

From: yanhc519
Subject: [lwip-users] Is it possible to use LwIP Netconn API on an RTOS without semaphore and mutex supported?
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 20:15:29 +0800

Hi all.

I have an RTOS which is a little strange. The RTOS can handle multi-tasking and message queues, but can not handle semaphore and mutex.
I want to use the Netconn API on my RTOS. Is it possible?

Firstly, I am using memory pools instead of memory heap, so the sys_mutex_lock(&mem_mutex); in mem.c can be excluded.
Secondly, I have set LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING_INPUT to 0, so the input packet is passed to the core via tcpip_mbox. I have also set LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING to 0, so the TCPIP_MSG_API is passed to the core via tcpip_mbox. Is this enough?

I have noticed that tcpip_send_msg_wait_sem() in tcpip.c uses sys_arch_sem_wait(sem, 0). And this is unable to exclude. Does this mean that Netconn API always use a semaphore and my plan cannot be feasible? 

Thanks in advance.


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