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Re: [lwip-users] Poor RX performance, misconfigured lwipopts?

From: Sergio R. Caprile
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Poor RX performance, misconfigured lwipopts?
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2019 11:24:15 -0300
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Your msg is too long for me, I'm too lazy to read it and too dumb to
keep focus at the same time.
Your capture file is long too, but fortunately retransmissions happen
right at the beginning.

I see you are ACKing 100ms later, several frames later.
I see (at least once) that you ACK a frame and ms later you ACK again
and even several times in a row (frame #177 and starting at #182).
That looks (to me) like a time base problem, check your sys_now() and
your port. I'm more of the bare metal type so I can't tell you much more
on how to setup an OS port. I've seen the unix port long ago and used it
as bare metal, don't know how it will handle timing info to lwIP (nor
sockets, btw).

And... 2814 bytes per frame ? Jumbo frames ? Can you try with more
common MTUs over the Internet ? Just in case.

Try to run some perf test over UDP, this will move the timers out of the
scenario and you can check for possible frame loss. UDP datagrams should
be numbered, though.

In any case, violating threading rules causes lots of strange artifacts,
make sure you don't.

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