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Re: [lwip-users] Binary file upload chrashes the program (lwip 1.4.1)

From: Vass Szabolcs
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Binary file upload chrashes the program (lwip 1.4.1)
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 09:51:03 +0200
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@Mr. Nielsen: I don't remember which version of Cube Mx was used when I generated the project. Honestly it was a long time ago, and I used to download frequently the latest updates. But I know that version contained only the lwip 1.4 stack. I'm using their ethernetif.c

@Mr. Weissmann: Under complicated project I understand that I implemented a http webserver using Raw API. It's running on a device, that have another complex features that I can't share with You, because these are company secrets. I hope You understand me and You aren't mad at me.
I think that the problem is coming two possible way:

                - the generated lwip library contains these bugs

                - I'm not using the lwip functions properly

Is helping if I attach the lwip library compressed to a zip file and the http functions that I implemented for uploading binary files?'

I think that this forum only the right place where I can get the right answers and helps from You, because You developed these stack and You are experts in this area. ST and other vendors just are using Your stack, sometimes add some functionality to them, but You are who understand deeply.

I'm sure that if I write to their forums they send to You (and I think that it is correct), because this area isn't their area, and You are the lwip developers.

Please help me, to get the right solution together.

Than You so much.



2017.02.12. 18:02 keltezéssel, Noam Weissman írta:
Hi Szabolcs,

What do you mean complicated project ? .

I am using FreeRTOS + LwIP 1.41 under STM32F427 with SPL, no cubeMX !

My LwIP heap uses just 15K RAM and has the following:
mDNS responder, SDDP responder and a third private discovery module.
HTTP server, TCP server capable handling 3 connections, WSS client running in 
secure mode
and a WS server in none secure mode.

The WSS client is running with the Socket API while all the rest use the RAW 

The above are just the TCP related modules. Beside that I have another 7 tasks.

If you have problems with LwIP it is from my experience due to not using it 
properly or not setting the
FreeRTOS properly.


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Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Binary file upload chrashes the program (lwip 1.4.1)

Thank You for Your response.

So I'm using the lwip 1.4.1 stack. To configure my controller I used the CubeMx 
from ST. The Cube Mx generated this library to my project (in 2016). I read 
that the ST is working on next upgrade of Cube Mx that will contain the lwip 

The problem is that my project is very large and complex so I wouldn't like to 
exchange my lwip libraries.

In my project I need to modify in the lwip function to work properly the binary 
upload, and some other features.

So please help me where I can find the solution within this stack?

Kind regards,


2017.02.10. 14:33 keltezéssel, Sergio R. Caprile írta:
The crashes are your responsibility. Or your vendor's...
If you clearly indicate which API are you using and how you use the
stack, someone here might guide you.
The dup acks are indicating your lwIP is not seeing some expected
frames. This is usually a driver fault. Most common culprit is that
the developers forget to extract all frames off the eth chip when
handling a frame rx indication. When traffic is low, everything is
fine, but as soon as network traffic is high and two or more frames
arrive in the service period, one of them is left sleeping and
eventually lost. If that one which is lost is the one you care about,
the stack will ask for it again, and that is what you are seeing.
Search the list, there's someone else with the very same problem this
week, and I bet is also ST-related. My bet is strong on the driver. I
just can't wait to be right...

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