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[lwip-users] routing over PPP using lwip

From: COOKE, Damien
Subject: [lwip-users] routing over PPP using lwip
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 23:33:23 +0000

Hi All,
We have a system that we are using lwip for our tcp engine.  It is a system without an OS running on ARMV9 hardware.  It has a tcp connection to a server and a ppp connection to  a peripheral client device.  The tcp connection to the server is faultless and the PPP connection comes up fine we can see ping packets between the client and the system over the ppp connection but we are unable to send packets over the ppp connection.  I suspect a routing issue and was wondering if anyone else had seen something like this and if someone could guide me as to where I should be looking to find my issues?
Damien Cooke
Hospitality & Stadiums / Arenas
NCR Corporation
Phone: +61 422379925 
address@hidden www.ncr.com  www.ncr.com/hospitality/international/index.html

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