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Re: [lwip-users] TCP keeps re-transmitting but no ACK packet after SYN,

From: Mohsin
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] TCP keeps re-transmitting but no ACK packet after SYN, SYN+ACK
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2015 22:34:00 -0700 (MST)

address@hidden wrote
> Try setting adding the line "#define LWIP_INLINE_IP_CHKSUM   0" to your 
> lwipopts.h. Maybe there's something wrong with the checksum-inlining 
> code on your CPU

Thank you so much Simon. I added above line in my lwipopts.h and it solved
the IP checksum error.

>  (isn't it a 16-bit one?)...

Exactly, my box is based on 16-bit microcontroller. So was it the actual
cause for this problem?

Now with that solution, atleast my webserver for IPv4 again got started. But
for IPv6, my box sends RST+ACK for every TCP request.

Currently, below is the status of my box:
*IP Configurations of my box:*
IPv4 address                :
link-local IPv6 address  : fe80::200:21ff:fe12:324
Static IPv6 address       : fda8:6c3:ce53:a890::8

*IP config of my PC:*
IPv4 address                :
link-local IPv6 address  : fe80::64e4:e351:a09d:5bf4
Static IPv6 address       : fda8:6c3:ce53:a890::3

*lwip IPv4+v6 Stack implementation status of my box:*
*Ping status:*
IPv4-- working
IPv6-- working

*Webserver Status:*
IPv4-- working 
IPv6-- not working. just sends RST+ACK for evry TCP request.

So, now I again came back to my original problem of RST response in case of
IPv6. Although ping for IPv6 is working fine. If you can help me in this
case then it would be highly appreciated.

Here is the packet capture from wireshark addressing this RST+ACK problem in
IPv6 webserver case.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohsin Kesarani

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