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[lwip-users] lwip ppp lower physical layer to app layer communication

From: rohanm
Subject: [lwip-users] lwip ppp lower physical layer to app layer communication
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2015 06:51:24 -0700 (MST)

i am working on lwip ppp over serial using gsm.I am successfully able to
post to my web server.but

1)On calling lwip_read(s, Get_Post_Buffer_GSM, PPP_BUF_SIZE),it calls the
netconn_recv_data function,there is a call to
sys_arch_mbox_fetch(&conn->recvmbox, &buf, 0);on line 427
in api_lib.c.when the  function sys_arch.... returns the value inside the
buf is zero

2)on the lower side the function call sio_read succesfully reads the
expected string and post it using the ip_input 
function to the upper layer.


what would be wrong in my code that the upper TCP layer is not returning the
received buffer.that means lwip_read function not returning recevied buffer
value. pls suggest.

NOTE:I am succesfully able to post data using this GITHUB code mentioned

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