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[lwip-users] event_callback() context switch when calling sys_sem_signal

From: Joel Cunningham
Subject: [lwip-users] event_callback() context switch when calling sys_sem_signal()
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 13:27:52 +0000 (GMT)

I'm running LwIP 1.4.1 and have some questions about the event_callback() in sockets.c

In my project, I am experiencing a crash related to synchronization in event_callback() and an application thread calling select().  My project is a uniprocessor system running an RTOS that implements a static priority scheduler.  SYS_ARCH_PROTECT() is implemented by disabling interrupts.  sys_sem_signal() is implemented using a counting semaphore.  TCPIP thread is higher priority than application threads.

The crash happens when the application thread is waiting in select() and the TCPIP thread is calling event_callback() to process an event.  What's happen is in the below loop, calling sys_sem_signal() results in a context switch on my project's RTOS even though application thread is lower priority.  The RTOS's semaphore construct doesn't support priority inheritance/elevation.  The application thread wakes up and finishes the select call, modifying the select_cb_list.  When the context switches back to TCPIP thread, it finishes the loop iteration and crashes because the select_cb_list has been modified.

What I've done to mitigate the context switch is move the line last_select_cb_ctr = select_cb_ctr; to the top of the for loop.  To me the loop already had handling for a context switch per iteration, but it only saved the counter at the end. So now it can handle a switch in the call to sys_sem_signal() as well.

My questions to whether this is a bug depend on:

1) Should SYS_ARCH_PROTECT() do more than just disable interrupts?  Something that would act as a critical section in the case where a context switch happens?
2) Is it assumed that calling sys_sem_signal() will not cause a voluntary context switch?

  for (scb = select_cb_list; scb != NULL; scb = scb->next) {
    if (scb->sem_signalled == 0) {
      /* semaphore not signalled yet */
      int do_signal = 0;
      /* Test this select call for our socket */
      if (sock->rcvevent > 0) {
        if (scb->readset && FD_ISSET(s, scb->readset)) {
          do_signal = 1;
      if (sock->sendevent != 0) {
        if (!do_signal && scb->writeset && FD_ISSET(s, scb->writeset)) {
          do_signal = 1;
      if (sock->errevent != 0) {
        if (!do_signal && scb->exceptset && FD_ISSET(s, scb->exceptset)) {
          do_signal = 1;
      if (do_signal) {
        scb->sem_signalled = 1;
        /* Don't call SYS_ARCH_UNPROTECT() before signaling the semaphore, as this might
           lead to the select thread taking itself off the list, invalidagin the semaphore. */
    last_select_cb_ctr = select_cb_ctr;
    /* unlock interrupts with each step */
    /* this makes sure interrupt protection time is short */
    if (last_select_cb_ctr != select_cb_ctr) {
      /* someone has changed select_cb_list, restart at the beginning */
      goto again;



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