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[lwip-users] Receiving of data slows down / lwIP 1.4.0

From: Satz Klauer
Subject: [lwip-users] Receiving of data slows down / lwIP 1.4.0
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 20:32:06 +0100


I send larger bunches of data from host to my lwIP-based device, about
300 kBytes at once. Within the receive-callback I process them and
then call tcp_recved(). Now I noticed after some hundred of frames
receiving slows down (and sending on host side too). This means the
receive-callback is not called as fast as possible although there
should be still enough data available. During this time the
send()-function on hist side is blocked.

I already tried to call tcp_recved(pcb,p->len) for every frame or
tcp_recved(pcb,p->tot_len) for a whole bunch of chained data but this
did not makes a difference.

So has anybody an idea why receiving of data is stopped after some time?


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