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[lwip-users] TCP slow performance and lockup

From: Micheal Shoemaker
Subject: [lwip-users] TCP slow performance and lockup
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 10:16:36 -0400


I'm trying to run a TCP server (Web server) on an EnergyMicro Giant Gecko Micro-controller (Cortex-M3), with CMSIS 3.0, FreeRTOS 7.2.0, and lwIP 1.4.1.  We've been using it for awhile with UDP and a basic DHCP with no problems (only a small spike of lag every once in awhile), but the TCP won't cooperate.  It will work and deliver the webpage we need it to, but it will be slow, unresponsive, and eventually stop working all together.  I've looked at the packets in wireshark and what I can see is it works fine until, at some point, it'll just send an ACK after the HTTP GET request is sent and do nothing else.  A few more requests will get the same thing and, after a couple more attempts, it'll just start replying with RST.  The amount of time the server will run is random.  Sometimes after 1 request, we recently had one go all night.  Any help would be appreciated and I'll upload anything needed to help diagnose it.

Micheal Shoemaker.

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