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Re: [lwip-users] STR912 lwIP + Freertos demo

From: Noam weissman
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] STR912 lwIP + Freertos demo
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 16:28:12 +0300


The example code I sent you works in RAW mode.

That means you do not create any task or threads. Your functions are being called
by the TCP stack.

Please check again your code. In function vBasicWEBServer you need to call a function
that creates the UDP server and assigns your own call back functions to the new PCB

After that you call vTaskDelete( NULL ); and terminate the temporary task.

The UDP server will not die after that as it is running as part of the LwIP code.

You do not loop or call udp_recv yourself.

If this is not understood let me know.


-----Original Message-----
From: address@hidden on behalf of ajinkya
Sent: Tue 4/16/2013 11:53 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] STR912 lwIP + Freertos demo

Hi Noam,
I have tried the code, and have made some changes, but I have some issues.

Here is the part of code.

"BuildReply" function compares the received payload with the string, and
sets  "RetVal" flag,
which we use "Discovery_recv" function to send different replies depending
on the returned "RetVal" flag value.
This is just for trials and testing i tried this code, and I am getting the
expected reply.
But I wanted to ask, *am I doing it correct??*
I guess I am missing something.

Because when I introduce the "vAC_ON_OFF_Function" it happens only once (I
get a reply saying "AC Switched ON" and the signal is also sent) but then it
is gone.........doesn't even reply ping.

I have attached 2 screen shots of Wireshark for reference (
,   With_vAC_ON_OFF_Function_2.png

And 2 more screen shots with plain request-reply ( plain-request-reply1.png
<http://lwip.100.n7.nabble.com/file/n21320/plain-request-reply1.png>  ,
<http://lwip.100.n7.nabble.com/file/n21320/plain-request-reply2.png>  )
which was working fine (without the addon function - "vAC_ON_OFF_Function"

Source addr-
Dest Addr - --(STR9 device address)

void vBasicWEBServer( void *pvParameters )
struct ip_addr xIpAddr, xNetMast, xGateway;
extern err_t ethernetif_init( struct netif *netif );
err_t err;

struct udp_pcb *my_pcb;
struct pbuf *p;

    /* Parameters are not used - suppress compiler error. */
    ( void ) pvParameters;

    /* Create and configure the EMAC interface. */
    IP4_ADDR( &xIpAddr, emacIPADDR0, emacIPADDR1, emacIPADDR2, emacIPADDR3
    IP4_ADDR( &xNetMast, emacNET_MASK0, emacNET_MASK1, emacNET_MASK2,
emacNET_MASK3 );
    IP4_ADDR( &xGateway, emacGATEWAY_ADDR0, emacGATEWAY_ADDR1,
    netif_add( &EMAC_if, &xIpAddr, &xNetMast, &xGateway, NULL,
ethernetif_init, tcpip_input );

    /* make it the default interface */
    netif_set_default( &EMAC_if );
    /* bring it up */


    /* Initialize UDP */
    my_pcb = udp_new();

    if(my_pcb != NULL)
      err = udp_bind(my_pcb, IP_ADDR_ANY, 1235);

    if(err == ERR_OK)
      while (1)
         udp_recv(my_pcb, Discovery_recv, my_pcb);

    /* Nothing else to do.  No point hanging around. */

    //vTaskDelete( NULL );


static void Discovery_recv(void *arg, struct udp_pcb *upcb, struct pbuf *p,
struct ip_addr *addr, u16_t port)
        struct pbuf *pLocal_ON, *pLocal_OFF, *pLocal_Miss ;
        char *Payload_extract;
        char reply_msg1[]="AC Switched ON";
        char reply_msg2[]="AC Switched OFF";
        char reply_msg3[]="Ohh noo";

  // p == NULL when client has terminated the udp connection. We will
acknowledge the request and close conn.
  if(p == NULL)

  Payload_extract = (char*) p->payload;  // take the pointer to the data or
even better to copy it to a buffer

      // Allocate a new pbuf for sending the response.
    pLocal_ON = pbuf_alloc(PBUF_TRANSPORT, sizeof(reply_msg1), PBUF_RAM);
    pLocal_OFF = pbuf_alloc(PBUF_TRANSPORT, sizeof(reply_msg2), PBUF_RAM);
    pLocal_Miss = pbuf_alloc(PBUF_TRANSPORT, sizeof(reply_msg3), PBUF_RAM);

    memcpy (pLocal_ON->payload, reply_msg1, sizeof(reply_msg1));
    memcpy (pLocal_OFF->payload, reply_msg2, sizeof(reply_msg2));
    memcpy (pLocal_Miss->payload, reply_msg3, sizeof(reply_msg3));
    //   create the response
    RetVal = BuildReply(Payload_extract);

    //   Send the response.
    //  pLocal->len = pLocal->tot_len = PayloadLength;

       if(RetVal == 1)
           //PassArray = 1;
           //vAC_ON_OFF_Function();  //Send signal to switch ON AC-
          udp_sendto(upcb, pLocal_ON, addr, port); 
       else if(RetVal == 2)
          //PassArray = 0;
          //vAC_ON_OFF_Function(); //Send signal to switch OFF AC
          udp_sendto(upcb, pLocal_OFF, addr, port);

       else if(RetVal ==0)
          udp_sendto(upcb, pLocal_Miss, addr, port);



static int BuildReply(char *Payload)
  char AC_Sig_ON[] = "Switch ON AC";   
  char AC_Sig_OFF[] = "Switch OFF AC";

        // add your own code here
  if(strcmp (Payload, AC_Sig_ON) == 0)    //compare received payload with
     RetVal = 1;
  else if(strcmp(Payload, AC_Sig_OFF) == 0) //compare received payload with
     RetVal = 2;
     RetVal = 0;
  return RetVal;

/*---------Add on code to send a signal on receiving perticular
static int vAC_ON_OFF_Function()
      PWMBusy = 1;
      if(PulseCount >= 31)
         PulseCount =0;
      PWMBusy = 0;
  return PWMBusy;

void ConfigurePWMfor_AC_ON(void)
    TIM2->OC1R = 0x0023;
    TIM2->OC2R = 0x0046;
    TIM2->CR2 = 0x0010;
    TIM2->CR1 = 0x8250;  //carrier 38 khz
          VIC_Config(TIM1_ITLine,VIC_IRQ, 0);
          TIM1->SR &= 0x0000;
          VIC0->ISR = 0x0000;
    TIM1->OC1R = 0x00FF;
    TIM1->OC2R = 0x0FFF;
    TIM1->CR2 = 0x0810;
    TIM1->CR1 = 0x8250;  // Signal of AC remote
    while(PulseCount < 31);

void PWM_TIM1_IRQHandler(void)    // Interrupt handler
     /* Clear the interrupt. */
    TIM1->SR = 0x0000;
    VIC0->ISR = 0x0000;
    if(PassArray != 1)
      TIM1->OC2R = OFFArrayOC2R[PulseCount];

    TIM1->OC2R = ONArrayOC2R[PulseCount];
    TIM1->OC1R = ArrayOC1R[PulseCount];
    if(PulseCount < 31)
      TIM1->CR1 &= 0x7FFF;          //STOP timer counter so next interrupt
will not occur

   VIC0->VAR = 0xFF;

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