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[lwip-users] serious lwIP 1.4.0 error

From: Peter Sprenger
Subject: [lwip-users] serious lwIP 1.4.0 error
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 16:06:17 +0200


I am facing an serious error in lwIP 1.4.0. This might be fixed in
lwIP 1.4.1, but I need a bugfix confirmation, because the lowlevel
ethernet skeleton has been changed, and I only want to spend much time
in the lowlevel driver porting, when this will fix my problem.

The lwIP 1.4.0 problem is (I am using raw API), that lwIP gets a
[FIN,ACK] from the other side (Firefox), but instead of doing a
tcp_sent callback, it resubmits 3 times the packet that was already
acked in the [FIN,ACK]. This leads to a hanging half-closed situation.
Only after some minutes the Firefox on the PC will close the
connection. Do you know if this has been fixed?

Best Regards,

Peter Sprenger



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