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[lwip-users] Where to start for porting lwip to octeon processors?

From: Tom Sawyer
Subject: [lwip-users] Where to start for porting lwip to octeon processors?
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:13:49 +0800

    If I want to port lwip to octeon processors running as simple executive progress , which software architecture is preferred , run-to-complete or pipeline ?
    I have learned about that run-to-completion is more intuitive and less complicated. It's also more flexible because there are no dependencies between processing of different pipestages. While pipeline is supposed to have higher performance and more modular.
    If pipeline is used , Is it proper that divide lwip process procedure into several stages according to the tcp/ip layer model?
    If run-to-completion is used , Is it a must that after each stage(one of tcp/ip layer) finish processing , it switch tags ,re-queued and de-sheduled?
    thanks  for your reply! 

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