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[lwip-users] lwIP-1.3.2 netconn_new-netconn_delete issue

From: Alex2051
Subject: [lwip-users] lwIP-1.3.2 netconn_new-netconn_delete issue
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 07:38:57 -0700 (PDT)

FreeRTOS 7

At the start I create a connection:
        conn = netconn_new(NETCONN_TCP);
        conn->recv_timeout = 60000; // timeout = 60sec

And it works  good for hours.
And when server close connection I catch a timeout of netconn_recv
operation. So I'am trying to reconnect:
conn = netconn_new(NETCONN_TCP);
conn->recv_timeout = 60000;

And what I get: from this point stack receive every data packet whith delay
exactly = 60seconds! In terminal I see gprs-modem sends packets correctly,
but stack holding them until 60sec elapsed.

What can be wrong?
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