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Re: [lwip-users] TCP bandwidth limited by rate of ACKs

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] TCP bandwidth limited by rate of ACKs
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 18:44:51 +0200
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Mason wrote:
Well, given a correctly DMA-enabled driver, you could avoid one task
switch by checking RX packets from tcpip_thread instead of using another
thread for RX (as suggest your "Task breakdown" by the name "RxTask").
Correct; the OS panics when I call tcpip_input from the ISR,
Hmm, tcpip_input uses sys_mbox_trypost() which should not wait until there's room in the mbox but instead return an error. On most OSes, there's a function that can be used here from an ISR (in contrast to a function usable from task level where a task can wait).
what is the difference? they're not documented AFAICS) but I was scared off by
the "Don't use it if you're not an active lwIP project member" comment ;-)
Yeah well, it's work that hasn't been tested as much as the rest of the stack, I guess. However, it's been in there now long enough that it should be at least stable enough to use it for testing. I'd even use it for our products (if we used the API layer)...
Also, my OS forbids using mutexes from an ISR.
Yes, you cannot used CORE_LOCKING from an ISR.
Perhaps I could keep the RxTask, and enable LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING_INPUT
which would take tcpip_thread out of the equation? Thus, LOCK_TCPIP_CORE
would be called from task context, which is fine.
I guess that would also be OK. Provided you would get DMA RX working, you'd then get off with 1 memcpy (to socket application buffers) and 2 tasks switches (1 from ISR to RxThread, 1 from RxThread to application thread).

BTW, when using CORE_LOCKING and CORE_LOCKING_INPUT, the tcpip_thread mainly only serves timers and delayed writing of TCP data (if you write more to a socket than lwIP can buffer).
If I made the changes to support PBUF_REF for RX in git, would you be
able to switch to that for testing?
Yes, I've tried to do a clean port, so I should be able to upgrade
to a newer version quite easily.
I'll see what I can do :-)


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