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[lwip-users] multi-user webserver

From: Papp Szilveszter
Subject: [lwip-users] multi-user webserver
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 22:23:29 +0100


I wrote a simple webserver application on the top of lwip stack using
netconn api functions. It works great, I can even download hundreds of
megabytes without problems from a SD card attached to my Cortex-M3
evaluation board. The only problem is it can handle one request at a
time, so if somebody connected to the webserver and downloading from
it, another client cannot establish a connection to it.
My webserver almost the same like the example that can be found on CVS
/ contrib / webserver (which using netconn api).
Can somebody point me to an example how a multi-user webserver should
be written using lwip?

Thanks for your attention!

Szilveszter Papp

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