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[lwip-users] Strange ghost segments

From: rolf . magnus
Subject: [lwip-users] Strange ghost segments
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 09:53:27 +0200


I'm currently using lwip 1.2.0, which does work (well, I do have a problem,
but I'll open another thread for that). Now I  tried upgrading to 1.3.0
(for auto-IP support). Basically, it works, but when sending TCP data,
sometimes a bunch of garbage data is inserted. When I look at it with
Wireshark, I see an additional TCP segment that contains 125 bytes of
garbage data. Afterwards, the stream continues normally. When running the
same test app several times, this sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't.
I'm using the socket interface. This only happens with 1.3.0.  I don't
really know how to go on to find out where this comes from. Maybe someone
could give me a hint?
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